• IBM RS/6000 7311-D20 I/O Expansion Drawer

The 7311-D20 is a rack-mounted high density expansion drawer that attaches to the eServer pSeries 630 7028-6C4 to provide remote I/O.

It includes: 7x Hot Swap PCI-X 64-bit 133MHz 3.3 volt I/O slots 12x Hot Swap disk drive bays consisting of two 6-packs (optional) Redundant Hot Swap power supplies and fans (optional).

The 7311-D20 occupies 4U of rack space and mounts in a 19-inch standard rack drawer.

The fans, power supplies, and PCI adapters, are top-accessible while the disk drives are front-accessible for easy service and maintenance.

A total of two Model D20s can be attached to a pSeries 630 7028-6C4.

Limitations Optional SCSI backplane (FC 6429), Ultra3 SCSI PCI Adapter (FC 6203) or Ultra3 SCSI RAID adapter (FC 2498), and cables (FC 4257) are required to support the disk drives installation.

If the disk drives in the Model D20 are being used to support 2 LPARs, two SCSI adapters must be installed in the Model D20; one to support each 6-pack of DASD.

The optional SCSI backplane (FC 6429) consists of two 6-pack DASD bays.

The first Model D20 ordered requires 2 RIO cables and 2 SPCN cables to be on the order. A second D20 requires a third cable. These cables can be ordered as part of the Model D20 order or as part of the Model 6C4 order. However, the configurator validates system connections when the Remote I/O cables/SPCN cables are ordered on the Model D20. Anytime Remote I/O cables/SPCN cables are ordered on the Model 6C4, system validation cannot be performed.

To attach the 7311-D20, the pSeries 630 7028-6C4 must have either one of the following installed: FC 9575 RIO Ports and LPAR Enablement (Initial order only) FC 6575 RIO Ports (MES order only)


Operating Environment

5 to 35 degrees C (41 to 95 degrees F)
Relative Humidity
8 to 80 (percent)
Wet Bulb
(Power Off) 27 degrees C (80 degrees F)
Power Requirements
227 watts (Typical configuration)/340 watts (Maximum configuration)
Power source loading
239 kVA (Typical configuration)/358 kVA (Maximum configuration)
Thermal Output
774 Btu/hr (Typical configuration)/1161 Btu/hr (Maximum configuration)
Maximum Altitude
3,050 meters (10,000 ft)
Noise Level
6.1 bels (Operating)/6.0 bels (Idle)

Physical Specifications

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IBM RS/6000 7311-D20 I/O Expansion Drawer

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